Parga (Greek: Πάργα), is a town and a municipality located in the northwestern part of Preveza in northwestern Greece being surrounded entirely by the prefecture of Thesprotia and is the only municipality in Greece that is surrounded by another prefecture. It is on a road linking Anthousa and GR-19. It is located about 40 km S of Igoumenitsa, SW of Ioannina, 65 km NW of Preveza, 90 km W of Arta and about 50 km NW of Vonitsa and about 60 km NE of Lefkada. The settlement dates back to ancient times and was called Ypargos. When the Slavs invaded the area, it became Paragiros, Paragaia or Paragea, Ypagogos or Epagogos or Epargos where its named after the Slavic word prag meaning port. It was home to a minority of Cham Albanians before 1944, when they were expelled for collaborating with Nazi forces.